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Turn innovative ideas from your team into results for your business.



AEVO Innovate is an Innovation Management system that helps your company capture value from the insights of its employees, supporting the various actions required in a Corporate Innovative Ideas Program:

Generate innovative ideasDefine strategic themes/challenges and provide an online portal for your team to propose ideas and solutions.

Make ideas workable:Create a space for collaboration and engage your employees to improve the ideas proposed by others.

Prioritize and select the best ideas:Identify and approve the innovations that are cost-effective and more adherent to your strategy.

Monitor the results of innovations:Control the implementation of ideas and the financial return of investments made with innovation.


Create an attractive environment for employees, establish the culture of innovation in your company, and generate competitive advantages over your competitors.

Culture of innovation

Quality of the work environment

Competitive Advantages

Profit with Innovation

Get to know some benefits of our innovation platform:

Encourage everyone's participation

Envio simples de novas ideias inovadoras. A equipe recebe conquistas conforme participa do programa. Os rankings de colaboradores mais inovadores aumentam o engajamento dos participantes.

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Manage Innovation ROI

Track the financial return on investments made in innovation. Control the gain obtained by the actual expense in the implantations of the innovative projects. Prove the value of corporate innovation.

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Identify innovative employees

Discover the most innovative employees and managers who promote the culture of innovation in their areas. Give rewards to the team based on the returns you get from their proposed ideas.

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Prioritize and select the best ideas

Define objective criteria for ranking ideas and prioritize best ones simply and flexibly.

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Engage with a Rewards Program

Allow the redemption of prizes based on points obtained according to the performance in the Innovation Program.

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Monitor innovation indicators

Track the number of ideas sent and deployed. Get to know the Top 10 of innovation. Filter by campaign, theme or department.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leave the technical details of the IT infrastructure with us. You only need internet access!

Continuous backup

Preserving your data is essential. Your data has the best backup on the market.

High availability

The system is always on. You can count on reliable access at any time of the day.

Information security

Your data is stored in an isolated databased in Microsoft Azure and can only be accessed with your passwords.

Incident support

Your calls are answered by those who understand the subject!


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